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GE Advantium ovens from the profile line are fast and simple ovens that bring a number of options when it comes to cooking. With the ability to give oven quality taste and microwave cooking times you can have the best of both worlds with this line of ovens. There are a number of different models in the advantium line with options to fit almost any homes needs.

The performance of GE Advantium ovens allow you to bring home cooked meals either baked or grilled up to eight times faster than your regular oven. Increased speed  and oven cooked taste are hallmarks of this product line. Another advantage of this oven is never needing to pre heat which not only speeds the preparation time but saves energy wasted in the pre heat cycle most ovens require. With fast and consistent results these ovens make cooking dinner easier and faster.

The versatility of the GE Advantium line of ovens allow this oven to fill the role of a microwave and a daily oven. The wide variety of installation choices add to the space saving feature of this line of ovens.  With multi level cooking and the ability to handle up to a 9x13 dish this oven can handle all you cooking needs.  With speed cook, sensor microwave, true European convection and warming abilities added to the soften and melt settings this oven truly can do it all.

Convenience is a hallmark of the GE Advantium oven with its 175 pre programmed recipe settings and 30 custom settings the ease of dinner preparation is greatly increased. The controls are simple to understand and easy to program helping you get just the right setting for whatever you want to cook. Clean up is easy due to the stainless steel interior construction making cleaning up after dinner faster than cooking dinner in the first place.

The time saving aspect of the GE Advantium ovens will make the hectic rush to prepare dinner after a hard day at work much easier. Without the need to preheat and greatly reduced cooking time you are able to prepare healthy and nutritious meals in much less time. Allowing you to spend your time enjoying dinner and not preparing dinner. Now you can have a healthy tasty dinner and still have time afterwards to spend some well earned time on yourself.

The sleek glass control panel is not only easy to clean but easy to use as well. Clean up is a snap and setting the controls with the dial is simple to understand and easy to use. The GE Advantium ovens are truly superior to other ovens in more ways than one. With all the options available and the time savings along with the ease of use this oven can truly replace your conventional oven and exceed its capabilities while saving not only time but energy wasted in a pre heat cycle you will no longer need with this advanced oven.